M.M. | A Mountain of Victory… With Your Name on It

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“No matter what you’ve believed in the past, what you’ve been told, or what people have tried to convince you of… there is always a way.”


No matter what roads we choose to walk in life, we’ll be confronted with obstacles. One of the greatest obstacles however will be others, and your own self limiting beliefs, that try to convince you that something cannot be done. “Don’t bother trying, don’t even think about it, it's too far out of reach” they say. Or one of our favorites, “it’s impossible.” The thing is, deep inside, no matter what, we all know the truth. All we have to do is recognize it.


Take one look around. Story after story, empire after empire, every single person you see as being successful started in a different place. Maybe with a lot, maybe with a little, maybe with nothing. The amount of resources you possess, the color of your skin, what’s happened to you in the past, none of it can stop you from doing something you want to accomplish. If you think otherwise, we’ll quote our friend Morgan Freeman and say, “Bullshit.”


Honestly, once we start looking around at various success stories, the majority of them started with absolutely nothing. Most of them had every possible thing against them and their endeavors. They were told repeatedly that their idea sucked, that they sucked, or that they would never amount to the vast vision of themselves that they projected. Then, once we start breaking the mold, it gets even worse. Why? Because it scares people. Because every single day you chase or live your dream, you prove them wrong. Despite all the odds, you proved that there was a way. Keep forging ahead Legion, there’s a mountain of victory ahead with your name on it.


Today is the day.




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