The Money Nerd Whitney Hansen | Her 5 Step Money System to Freedom

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Forge Your Potential Podcast Episode 148 Whitney Hansen

We’ve got Whitney Hansen joining us today on the Forge Your Potential Podcast for round two! Some of you might remember her from episode 94 ‘Live Your Dream Life Through Personal Finance’, where we talked everything from business, to how to through college with little to no student loan debt, to investments and more.


Today however, she’s sharing with us a simple, tried and true 5 Step Money System to effectively and efficiently manage your debt, income, and investing.


Should you pay your debt off before investing for retirement? What strategies can you use to pay off that debt? How much should you have in an emergency fund and why is it important to have one? What tools can you use that can guide you through saving for and automating your investments for retirement?


These are questions a lot of us have, and Whitney has the answers, right here, right now, in this episode of Forge Your Potential Finance.


Today is the day.



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