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Sean Whalen Forge Your Potential Podcast Episode 150

If you’ve been on social media for any length of time, it’s likely not the first time you’ve heard the name, Sean Whalen. Many of his videos, posts, and live-streams have gone viral, reaching tens of millions of users. He’s the man that tells it how he sees it, the man behind the movement Lions Not Sheep, and the man living true to himself with absolutely zero fucks given.

We kick off the episode by first talking about technology and the massive impact that it continues to have on the world. Regular people, business owners, politicians, low income and high, all have immediate access to resources that used to cost millions of dollars and teams of people to run them. Of course given Sean’s rise to fame on the platform, we talk social media, and the infinite potential it offers anyone with internet access and a smart phone.

Moving forward, we go a little deeper.

We touch on the highs and successes that Sean has had throughout his life, but more importantly, we get into the darkest corners of the lows that he’s experienced. From building multi-million dollar companies in his early twenties and having it all, to losing what seemed like everything he had. Going through an incredibly turbulent divorce, bankruptcy, and driving his business into the ground, he wanted to end it all. Figuring his children were young enough at the time they wouldn’t remember him anyway.

So how does a person consumed by anger and darkness find their way back? How do they re-forge shattered relationships? How do they find peace?

Listen in as Sean shares his story, and how he’s built a life of truth and wealth.

Today is the day.



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  1. Kathleen vescovi

    Hi sean!! How are you ? I miss seeing you on social media. Are you ok .hope all is well with you and your Beautiful family sweetie🦋💛👀🐕😎🦆🐢💙

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