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In today’s Motivational Minute here on Forge Your Potential, we did it a bit differently. We didn’t use a post from our daily posts on social media. Instead, we felt compelled to focus on and highlight various aspects of this swift moving storm that’s caught us all off guard: Social Media itself.

Like us, you all might notice some of the issues that have arose because of social media. Bullying, large amounts of negativity and conflict, the spreading of misinformation, the lists of social media negatives are long. The problem is, these issues and negative aspects of social media, don’t stay on social media. They invade our lives, our relationships, our communities, our emotions, and even our jobs. How did we get here to this place where we waste hours per week scrolling through mindless content, or moments we could have lived ourselves? How did we get to this place where validity is judged only by the number of followers one has? A place where we so often choose to immerse ourselves in these negative aspects of the experience?

The answer is simple.

The majority of us utilize social media as entertainment. What so many of us have failed to see is the true potential for the influence of good that social can produce. While using social media as a source of entertainment, we’ve neglected to see it as and to use it as, a tool. In a way, social media is a lot like money, enhancing certain aspects of our characters. If we’re self absorbed, it’s selfie central. If we’re humble, we hesitate to post anything that might be construed as boasting, if we post anything at all. But it all happens without us usually ever truly realizing it as it happens. We’ve all seen first hand the infinite possibilities that social media has to affect influence. But maybe, just maybe, we should get off the sidelines and get in the game. Meaning, we should stop just watching and reading the good, we should start being a part of the good, by sharing it with your loved ones, by creating or producing our own videos or blog posts. Get off the sidelines, and be a part of a catalyst for positive change and influence. Social media is your tool and it’s free, simple to use, and everyone is on it. Let us all stop being spectators and start playing the game as influencers and as leaders. Let us all start recognizing and acting on the true potential of what social media could be.

Today is the day.



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