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“Rest Assured. All the times we’ve felt alone, not good enough, and not loved, will be worth all the moments we feel belonging, feel good enough, and feel truly loved.”

As you read this, you know there is no shortage of struggle or hardship throughout life. At some point, we feel all of these emotions. We feel lost, we feel not good enough, and sometimes we feel that that’s all our lives will ever equal out to. We feel like we just might be that one exception that never gets to have what we want. This is the concept that we wanted to highlight in today’s Forge Your Potential Motivational Minute, and how to refocus your attention to the truth of the matter.

We wanted to highlight that as much struggle, and as many hardships there are in our lives, these times will never last. We wanted to inspire you to keep faith in what ever it is you desire right now that you don’t have in your life. It’s not easy, but realize too, that despite what people might tell you, great things always take time. Someone created a quote, said to be coming from the mouth of Life itself which reads, “You will be happy, but first, I will make you strong.” Knowing this, expecting this, and understanding this won’t make difficult times go away. It will however give us something to look forward to. How incredible is it that with every passing day, we’re one step closer to everything we’ve ever wanted? Let us remember too that life is not a constant. There will be the ups, the downs, and the indescribable moments in between when we have no idea what the hell is going on. So if you do something today, let it be this.

Remember how valuable you are, not only to yourself, but more importantly, how valuable you are to those around you. Remember that there will always be tough days, but that there’s nothing wrong with having them. Remember to breath, to enjoy the sun and the rain. Let us continue to build ourselves up and in turn, build those around us up.

Today is the day.



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