M.M. | Reminding Ourselves Where We’ve Come From & The Power Of Looking Back

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“It’s not the distance we have left to go. It’s the progress we’ve made today.”

We’re constantly wanting more, always looking to that goal we have yet to reach; our minds always on the future. We’re told that looking back is always a bad idea and should be avoided like the plague. Charging ahead and not dwelling on the past can be beneficial, but if we constantly focus so hard on the future, we can condition ourselves in such a way that is just as detrimental as dwelling on the past. For the sake of balance and our ultimate success, something we should remind ourselves is to appreciate what we’ve accomplished.

We should appreciate the steps we’ve taken and the progress we’ve made today. If we constantly look to the future, it’s easy to fall into the trap of always focusing on how far we have left to go. We’ve talked about this concept on the Forge Your Potential podcast a number of times - we should never hesitate to celebrate our victories. Large or small, the recognition of accomplishments can help combat one of the most annoying feelings ever, the feeling of being stagnant. We desire progress in every aspect of our lives and when we feel like we’re not moving forward, it can kill our motivation, our ambition, our creativity, and worse, it can destroy dreams that we’ve worked on for years.

So remember to look back today. Not to dwell on or think about what could have been. But look back and remind yourself where you’ve come from. Look at some of the accomplishments and the progress you’ve made. What are some of your proudest moments in the past year? When did you feel the most accomplishment? And remember, it’s not always about the goal and how much more we have left to go before we reach it, it’s also about the difference and the lives we change today.

Today is the day.



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