M.M. | Nothing Wrong With Feeling A Little Pride

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“Name one of your proudest moments.”

On the Forge Your Potential Podcast, we’ve talked a few times about the importance of celebrating our victories, small or large. Victories are one thing, but what has been one of your proudest moments? It just might be one of those victories you’ve had, or you might find that it’s a moment in your life that you’ve completely overlooked.

In today’s Motivational Minute, we share with you all our very own moments in our lives where we felt most proud. Being so focused on the impact we have and can have on those around us, it’s always different for us to turn around and look at ourselves. You listeners and fans out there in the Forge Your Potential Legion might have the same experience. We’re almost encouraged it seems to neglect to acknowledge moments that we feel proud of ourselves. Like noticing times we feel good about ourselves is in some way selfish or self absorbed. As with all things of course, everything in moderation.

Take a moment today though, no matter what, and look back at your victories, look back at your accomplishments and your good deeds. Take a moment and reflect on what you’ve felt most proud about in your life. Better yet, take it a step further and share with someone else what you’re most proud of them for having accomplished or done. Let’s begin a perpetual cycle of proud moments in hopes of inspiring others like them.

Today is the day.



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