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“If you don’t have a hero, become one.”

You’ve probably heard the quote, “be your own hero”. What you probably haven’t heard or been told to do, is to be someone else’s hero. This is the topic in today’s Motivational Minute here on the Forge Your Potential Podcast.

When we feel like we need saving or rescued, when we’re feeling down and defeated, when we need a hero, most of us wouldn’t think about becoming one for someone else. There’s something extremely important here. Once our focus transitions to the service of others, immediately, us and our own well-being to a degree, becomes irrelevant. When our focus is trained on saving another, or many others, it’s no longer about saving ourselves. This is where something even more incredible happens.

Even though saving ourselves isn’t our objective, this is exactly what will happen. That’s right. You will suddenly find your heros around you and see the hero in yourself. Through the service of others, you not only find your hero, you truly become one, you find that peace that you’ve longed for. Serving others can fill even the largest of voids we feel in our lives. If you’re searching today for a hero, take action, and do something for someone else. Find your heros and become one.

Today is the day.



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