M.M. | How Much Are You Worth?

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“You’re worth much more than you give yourself credit for.”


You’re not happy in your relationship. The people that call themselves your friends constantly bring drama, negativity, and stress into your life. The ideas you have but never act on because you don’t want those around you to feel threatened, or you’re afraid to break the mold. The days you wake up, unfulfilled and in the same place you were yesterday. Chances are, you’ve lived at least one of these scenarios, you might even be living one today. The trick is not letting these times in our lives define who we are. It is not letting these people, these challenges, or situations drive us into a cycle of passive acceptance for much less out of life than we desire.


Here’s the truth:


We were made for more, you know it, those that truly love us know it. You’re worth is far more than you could ever imagine, and even though it does, it’s something that should never come into question for any of us. On top of that, it’s not something we should be so willing to compromise. That’s the difficult part, if we’re questioning or not recognizing our worth, most likely we’re going through something negative, loss of a job, a divorce, financial stress, health problems, etc. When we go through these times, though it might not be conscious, we want others around us to feel the pain and stress that too are feeling. Additionally, we want to escape our reality and a lot of us will go a long ways to do so. But, before you do, remind yourself this.


Your story does not end here today. You have have worth, and by damn it’s worth holding on to. Never compromise a lifetime of happiness, wellness, love and all that is beautiful, for those dark moments we periodically encounter. We would all be wise to recognize the value and worth that we possess. Better more, we would be even more wise to recognize value and the worth of those around us. It should be our goal to lift others up, to encourage them too to see their true potential. It should be our goal to do all that is good, and see our worth for what it truly is instead of choosing not to see it. You are worth so much more, and you truly deserve to experience every ounce of joy, happiness, love, kindness, beauty, and the like that this life has to offer.


Today is the day.




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