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“Great students excel at following the rules. Great minds excel at breaking them.”


Leaders, innovators, limit pushers, they all share a common trait. They don’t accept anything for how it is. They ask questions. They test their limits and those of others. They don’t take no for an answer and smile when people say something is impossible. They break the fuckin rules and bust out of the cookie cutter that society has molded for them. The thing is, “they” could be any of us if we so choose. There’s something we need to get through our minds right here and now.


We don’t have to follow the rules. Of course this is within reason… we can’t run out and start breaking laws. We can question them however. How powerful is this simple one word question, why?


Somewhere down the line we get so carried away with following the rules and accepting things for how they are, that we stop asking questions completely. The act of asking a single question, and seeking that answer is responsible for every piece of technology we enjoy today. Every medical breakthrough, every modern day development exists because someone decided to ask a question. They weren’t ok with what was, and in one moment decided to break the mold.


How many things in your own life do you simply accept as the norm? How many problems do encounter on a daily basis that you just live with because you’ve been taught, or haven’t even considered that there might be another way. Ask questions, push the boundaries, and refuse to accept being a product of an assembly line.


Today is the day.



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