M.M. | Dreams Are What We Live For

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"See your dreams as something you'll be able to have, not as something you've never been able to get."

Someone once said, "Dreams are what we live for". We live for that idea of accomplishment and that sense of fulfillment. Not only that, we live for the pursuit. There's something poetic about envisioning and chasing a dream. But that's where so many of us go wrong. We envision the dream, but few take the steps to truly chase that dream. Which brings up a really interesting perspective.

How do you perceive your dreams? Do you see them as attainable goals? Or are they in fact only ever dreams? It’s like the saying you see circulating social media, “A goal without a plan is just a dream.” Do you see that dream home as a possibility? How about that ideal relationship? What ever our dream or dreams might be, we need to shift our perspective and begin seeing these dreams as goals. Because when we have goals, we have plans. And when we have plans, we kick ass on what ever it is we set our minds to. So we’ll leave you with this.

Let’s all take the step together and start seeing our dreams as real, true, possibilities for our lives. Let’s see them as goals. Let’s plan, organize, and execute. You have everything within you right now, today, to attain or accomplish anything. Don’t let anyone, not even yourself, convince you otherwise. Go get ‘em.

Today is the day.



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