M.M. | Defining What’s Truly Important & Unlocking Our True Potential

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“A beautiful thing happens when two people decide to give one another their best.”

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve gone far enough through life to know that if you half ass anything…that you’ll get half ass results. Call us crazy, but we want the full booty! Haha today’s Motivational Minute was inspired by this concept, specifically regarding relationships. Because how many of you have experienced half ass relationships at some point…? (everyone raises hands). However, this idea is applicable to our lives in almost every aspect.

Apart from the obvious benefits of giving our best, there are some underlying benefits that we didn’t realize at first when we thought about this concept in depth. Of course, in giving our best, we’re able to lay our heads down at night knowing we gave the day your best efforts. Of course our hard and focused work will pay off. But something we didn’t consider, was, when was the last time you gave your best to something you didn’t truly want? The answer is the same for everyone: never. No one has ever given their best to something they didn’t truly want. Whether that be a career, or an individual.

Wholeheartedly giving our best only happens when we’re focused on what’s truly important to us. That means we have to define what’s important to us, and there’s something exceptionally beautiful about that. Especially when that something is another human being. Life pulls so many of us in so many directions, it really does take a conscious effort, to at least some degree, to focus on and give attention to what’s important to us. But simply defining and focusing on what matters most isn’t everything. We have to take action. So whether it’s a relationship, a goal, or a dream, if it’s something truly important to us, let us give it our best. Not just today, but for all days. Not only because that’s what we should do, but because that’s what we deserve. Here’s to keeping relationships, goals, and dreams alive.

Today is the day.



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