Lawrence Carson | Living With Intention, Asking Questions, & Passionately Seeking Answers

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Forge Your Potential Podcast Episode 138 Lawrence Carson

We go places in this episode of Forge Your Potential that we’ve never been before. Not physically, not politically, but mentally and philosophically. We can thank our guest, Lawrence Carson for that. This is an episode you’ll want to stop what you’re doing so that you can listen and keep up with the topics and subjects we cover. You might even want to schedule some time to think, ponder, and reflect after listening to this episode. It’s that deep.

Lawrence shares a bit of his story and what’s brought him to this place of enlightenment. Almost immediately however, we jump into the discussion. From the defining of intellect, to Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mind States’, to the power of not only asking questions but passionately seeking the answers, we go all out. A really interesting concept we bring up in this episode is, to not only know or understand answers to questions you have, but truly being at one with answers. Lawrence elaborates on this concept among a number of others such as breaking conditioned cycles of beliefs that have been ingrained in us by society, the beauty of simply experiencing and living in the moment, the importance of living with intention, and more.

If there was ever a day to challenge your perspectives, it’s today, and it’s in this episode. Listen in, and as Lawrence would say, decorate your soul. Life, what Lawrence calls the University of Learning, is a beautiful and incredible experience, and so many of us are only ever seeing a fraction of the real beauty that out there. We realized that as active as we are in the space of philosophy, there very well just might be a lot we’re missing that we could be enjoying. Tune in and get ready to expand your perspective.

Today is the day.



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