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Forge Your Potential Podcast Episode 139 Jefferson Goldie

Chicago listeners! Where you at!? We’ve got one of your very own in the house today. It’s our pleasure to welcome the one and only, Jefferson Goldie.

No matter what he’s doing, Jefferson’s straight tearing it up. First and foremost, he’s always had a knack for entertaining. At an early age he dreamed of becoming a MLB player. After qualifying for a scholarship to Memphis, he found out he’d be red-shirted and passed on the opportunity. In the time following, music became a passion of Jefferson’s, which ultimately lead him to create and form his very own band called Trainwreck Symphony. However, his ambitions didn’t stop there.

After years of running the band, through a series of events, Jefferson was offered a spot on TV, on Chicago’s WCIU The U. Though, even after this huge opportunity came into his life, music still continues to be a passion. He plays in three different cover bands, has played in some of the most recognized venues in Chicago, and continues to do so today. On top of that, he manages life at home and creates hilarious videos on social media, one of which has gone viral and was shared by Amiri King, now boasting over 300k views.

You’ll notice that Jefferson has had a number of passions and directions throughout life. We go in depth on this topic and talk about what’s it’s like to go through the process of changing one’s dreams and aspirations. We talk about the moments we realize what we’ve been chasing isn’t in the cards, and how to recognize those moments. We jump into the idea of simply doing and becoming what you want, and not what others expect you to do or become.

We cover it all in depth and more in this kick ass episode of Forge Your Potential.

Today is the day.


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