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Forge Your Potential Podcast Episode 137 Brandon Wright

There will be those individuals out there that at the end of their lives will look back and wish they had taken action. They'll look back wondering what could have been, had only they given their best. Our guest this week on Forge Your Potential will not be among those individuals. Instead, he will be among those who at the end of their lives, will only be concerned with what's next. It's our pleasure to introduce radio personality, father, published author, and entrepreneur, Brandon Wright.

Taking action in one’s life is just one of the number of subjects we address in this episode. A lot of us in this day and age will complain about our days, our situations, the situations we see others facing, and everyone’s favorite… politics. But when was the last time we took action to influence change in something we see as being wrong in the world? On the flip side of that, when was the last time we took action to appreciate something we liked? Whether it be a positive review for a restaurant with great food and service, or a product you bought that lived up to and exceeded all of your expectations, these small gestures of showing gratitude and appreciation, it’s important to take action on both the good and the bad.

Brandon also shares with us his three most favorite words: fun, freedom, and profit. He explains each word individually and explains why each is so important to him. On top of that, we cover everything from being true to who you are, the importance of communication, how essential hard work is for building discipline, building business, and more. Be sure to check out Brandon’s books by clicking the links below.

Today is the day.


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