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A podcast, a lifestyle, a community.

Forge Your Potential was created to open your eyes to the possibilities, to motivate and inspire the best in you to fulfill your true potential. It was created to bring us together through our triumphs and our struggles, to remind you that today is the day.

Today is the day to lift one another up, to stand for what is right, to build legends, leave legacies, and inspire others to do the same. Today is the day to change the world, the day to Forge Your Potential.

Welcome to the place where limits do not exist, where we shake hands with adversity, and where ideas and passions become reality. Welcome to the #FYPLEGION.



  • By creating and producing original content with genuine substance.
  • Engaging in our local communities.
  • Maintaining a strong, consistent online presence.


The Official Forge Your Potential Podcast:


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Forge Your Potential Spotlight

During every podcast episode (excluding guest episodes), we give the Forge Your Potential Spotlight to an individual or organization that is out doing great things for the world. Past Spotlights have included: Brad Pitt's Make it Right organization,, Direct Relief, the Lone Survivor Foundation, Wishes for Warriors, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Panthera, Doctors without Borders, and more. It is our goal and inherent duty to shed light on these people and organizations that don't always get brought to the forefront of our attention for the all good that they have done, and continue to do.