Why Voting For Trump is a Symbol of Everything Our Society Hates

Why Voting For Trump is a Symbol of Everything Our Society Hates

Cindy Fetty

Cindy Fetty


I am a mother, wife, and highly unorganized person. I enjoy art, music, biking and hiking. I like to be lazy and do nothing, but get antsy and need to get out of the house and into the sun. I have 2 beautiful children who are among my greatest joys. My husband is my best friend and confidant. I also enjoy writing… That is why I am here.

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I’d like to start by introducing myself. My name is Cindy. I’m a white, non-feminist, conservative Christian who voted for Trump. Now that I have gotten all of the things out of the way that may make a person decide that I’m not worth the time to listen to, I’ll begin.


In a country where it is cool to be a strong, feminist, liberal activist; it is difficult to be a female who opposes those things. Do I believe that women are strong? Absolutely! I don’t, however, believe in the way many in our country define strong.



I appreciate the women and men who have fought for our right to vote, our right to live in safety, and not be a piece of property. Unfortunately, many of the same women who say all these things also support prostitution and porn. Two things that are ripe with male domination, monetary power, and the trafficking of children.


Many women who support prostitution tout that it is a woman’s body and thus her choice whether she wants to sell it or not. However, many of those women were recruited or trafficked as teens, and some even as children, and made to believe that it is all they are worth or the only option they have to make enough money to survive.


The business is dominated by men who systematically do not value women as people, but only as what they look like and what they offer. Just take a look at what is going on in the media right now. The Hollywood elite, who have supported feminism and fought tooth and nail for the liberal agenda are having their under-belly exposed.


Men who have paid millions to push for a feminist president are being called out for assault, rape, and treating women like chattel. Unfortunately, we live in an extremely hypocritical world. In the world of the elite, everything is for sale; including women and children.



This is a practice that has gone on for hundreds of years but is being sold to us as a new liberation of freedom of choice over our own bodies. I’m a Bible-believing Christian and I am told that men should love women like their sisters, and husbands should love their wives like Christ loves the church. That may sound prude and backward to some, but that is a feminism I can get behind. A feminism where women are honored and loved as people, not as objects or trade.


Some may say, “you’re a white female who grew up in privilege, what does your opinion matter anyway.” Well, let me give you a little background on myself. Yes, I am white and was born into privilege. I was born to 2 parents who owned a house. My dad was a pastor and my mom stayed home.


As a small child, we had 4 live-in foster children. Unfortunately, at the age of 3, my dad suffered a massive brain aneurysm. He became permanently disabled and my family lost everything. All of the foster children had to go to other homes and we moved to a trailer park that we could not afford, as my mom struggled to find work as someone without any job experience outside of the home.


My parents divorced and I spent a lot of time after that alone with my brother as my mom worked. My mom had to claw her way back out of the loss of everything and there were many times when she had to dig through the trash to make sure we were fed.


I lost a lot of respect for the church as a child because our church did not love us through that situation, but abandoned us to fend for ourselves. My mom was a fighter though and it only took about 5 years until we were out of the trailer park. Unfortunately, in that time; I had been molested by a neighbor, beaten by a nasty boyfriend, and watched my mom have her life threatened with a knife against her throat.


Over the years since getting out of that situation, I have been bullied, beaten, and belittled. I’ve been in abusive relationships, been used, forgotten, and scared.  There are things I’ve been through that I wouldn’t ever share here, as I’m sure many of you can say also. However, I’ve spent the last 13 years taking care of people. I started with adults and children with various disabilities and have since cared for both boys and girls from age 5 through 19 from different ethnicities, backgrounds and situations.



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I’ve helped teen moms learn to care for babies and helped potty train 5 year olds. I’ve had kids who struggle with addictions and sat in jail cells to council them after they ran away. Unfortunately, pain has no address and suffering no skin color. The rain falls equally on us all. While it is true, that some may grow up in relative ease, with families intact, and no significant trauma for years; no one escapes death or disease for their whole life. It catches up with all of us.


So, you may be wondering how after all of this I could still be a conservative Christian and how I could have voted for Trump if I’ve seen so much. Let me start with this. While working my job with adults with disabilities, I saw mother’s working there and refusing to take promotions because they would lose all of their benefits.


The system that was supposed to be put in place to help them, kept them there. There was no step up program that would taper benefits as you progressed out of their situation. It was all or nothing. When working with teen moms, I saw teens who had been encouraged to live in the freedom of having sexual relationships before they knew how to judge who was safe.


Many of whom had grown up with parents in the system, on drugs or alcohol, and living less than paycheck to paycheck. A lot of these young women believed that the system owed them. They believed that having kids would garner them a paycheck, and having more meant more money.  For some, there was nothing that could be said to get them out of that mentality. The system that was supposed to be designed to help them while they were down, was the same system that would keep them down for the rest of their life unless their mentality changed.



Meanwhile, thousands of faith-based organizations are running step-up programs designed to get people out of their situations. Programs like AA, Teen Challenge, and Covenant House have a greater impact on getting people out of tough situations. In fact, studies have shown programs that have a faith component are more successful at getting people out of tough situations.


These programs are often full of Christian people on both the left and the right who truly want to help people in need. From my own experience, you would be hard pressed to go into one of these places without running into some hard-as nails Christian running things and praising God for ever donation. Many of us are on the front-lines of helping people in need.


So, why Trump, you ask? Well, it’s really simple. I don’t believe that the government truly helps people. I think they over-regulate everything, over-tax everything, and leave people dependent on them.  Our country has been steadily on course to move into socialism and many people are excited about that. Many have an ideological view of what a socialist United States would look like, that would never be the reality of such. Many love Canada and talk of moving there.


They use Denmark as an example of an amazing system. Unfortunately, these places see less than half of their paycheck and wait in long lines for medical treatment. Also, socialist countries like Venezuela used to thrive prior to socialization and are now full of starving people as fat government officials are able to get whatever they desire. Socialism breeds equality among its people, but all are equally poor not equally rich.



Government officials then give themselves large paychecks and special allowances so that they are the only ones who thrive. Hillary Clinton and her allies would have us believe that our country would be better in socialism. But she has shown herself to be corrupt on many levels, along with those in the DNC. My vote for Trump was less about his beliefs and policies and more about keeping out hers and others like her. I’d much rather have an outsider in there than an insider.



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In this day and age, there is so much political correctness, everything is deemed hate speech. We have worked for centuries to gain freedoms that so many seem ready and willing to throw away in the name of progress.  I recognize that my views may be considered old-fashioned, but in a country where people have been oppressed, enslaved, and silenced for years; is it really progress to do that to someone else?  Freedom of speech only works when it is freedom for all

If you would like to learn more about and look into the life of

President Donald Trump, pick up Understanding Trump by Newt Gingrich




3 Responses

  1. Cindy Fetty

    Thank you for the kind words!

  2. sheryl

    this is very well written and understandable to all. I hope many will read it and understand what seems like lunacy to the “politically correct”. Totally agree with what you wrote. Helping by the government was a great idea until it became a life style to keep people enslaved with lack and a voting block to keep the benefits coming. Our nation will go down from the debt of trying to help those who can really help themselves. I hope things will turn around.

  3. Brenda Prichard

    Wow! I agree totally! But then we are a minority, which makes us special! Thanks for sharing I loved it all.

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