Being a Christian | My Life & My 21st Century Journey of Faith

Being a Christian | My Life & My 21st Century Journey of Faith

Alexxa Freeman

Alexxa Freeman

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Welcome! I am an 18 year old female, currently attending my first year of college in central Oregon. I enjoy writing, singing, modeling, and figuring out the world and my surroundings in my spare time. I am a very socially oriented person, and even though I’ve got an unapproachable facial expression 85% of the time, I’m quite friendly. I love to learn, but I also have strong opinions I’d like to share, and a unique outlook on the world that I cannot wait to spread to my audience.

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Religion in itself can be a beautiful thing. When experienced and approached appropriately, it can open a multitude of doors that people didn’t even know existed inside their own lives. I myself, am a young (in both faith and age), Christian woman. Throughout my life and my journey of faith, I’ve experienced some crazy phrases and conversations being thrown my way that I still, to this day, remember a little too clearly.



To state simply, I am not your “picture perfect Christian.” Truly, no one is. But the Christian community has thrown its judgements square in my face, with no shame in doing so. I have tattoos, piercings, I smoke marijuana and drink on occasion. I’ve already ruined “saving myself for marriage”, and a few other things that I will talk about in the ongoing phases of this work.



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One of the experiences of religious stereotyping that bothered me to my core is this: when I decided to get my second tattoo, a cross on my bicep, I posted on Facebook about how excited I was to get another tattoo, but I didn’t share what the tattoo was going to be.


This is what I posted: “tattoo time round 2 tomorrow, very excited!”


The first comment I received was from my Aunt, and our conversation read as follows:

Aunt: Awww, Alexxa, gunna ruin God’s perfection of you?

Me: I already have a tattoo

Aunt: Oh, you mean, you’re already ruined?

Me: It doesn’t ruin anything, keep your conservative opinions to yourself please.



This was insanely offensive to me. The fact that people from my own family are so judgemental and against what I see as simple pleasures in life, makes me crazy.


I love each and every one of my tattoos, and each and every one of my piercings. The important thing about the idea of tattoos and piercings is that the things I decide to put on my body in no way harm my relationship with the lord. My piercings don’t prohibit me from praying every day and my tattoos don’t make me unholy. This idea is a way to seperate the “real” Christians from the “fake” ones.


In reality, if you have the Lord in your heart and make an effort to be a true follower, it doesn’t matter if you’re an alcoholic, if you’re a stripper or a hooker, if you’re a drug dealer – the Lord will help you through that and love you regardless.



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After sleeping with a new partner, we were cuddling in bed when he said “I thought you were a good little Christian girl.” To this, my brain filled with frustration and disgust. I replied “I am a good Christian girl. I read my bible every night before bed, I pray throughout the day, give my worries to God, talk to God, and carry my love for the Lord around with me.”



Upon seeing how frustrated I got, he said he was kidding, but I still can’t get that scene out of my head. Why, because I am in touch with my sexual side, does it attack my faith?


Anyone – male, female, old, young, virgin, “deflowered” – can be a beautifully engaged Christian. Again, this personal side of myself does not inhibit my love for the Lord, or my dedication to him.



If this article resonates with you and your life, you might check out the book: Being Christian in the Twenty-First Century



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  1. Natalie

    I want to hear more from you! This article is like a unfinished letter you wrote to me. 😉 I feel the same way about Christianity (I have a few tattoos and piercings) and I believe you can be a good Christian (or a good person of any faith) and also be sexually active. Thanks for the article, but for reals I want to hear more!

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