Tis the Season: What to Wear to This Year’s Midnight Mass Service

Tis the Season: What to Wear to This Year’s Midnight Mass Service

Natalie Strong

Natalie Strong


Natalie Strong is a native to Idaho, but born to Southern Californians so excuse her when she says soda instead of pop and tells you she doesn’t listen to country. She grew up in a family of 9 and is used to interrupting and talking over people just to get a word in, but catches herself when she does it outside of the family.

She graduated in 2011 from the University of Idaho with a BS in Apparel Design and Minor in Business Management.  She enjoys hiking, camping, reading, sewing, music, and the arts. She plays rugby, swims, and for the past few years has called herself a runner, she doesn’t run fast, but she runs. Her favorite thing to do is laugh.


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Midnight mass is a tradition in my family. One that a few of us are trying to break from, but one that some are still holding on to with our perfectly manicured fingertips. For as long as I can remember my family has been going to midnight mass, it’s a Catholic tradition after all. I remember the strong smell of the incense wafting through the church, the choir singing, the yawning, and the occasional nap in the pew.


As my sisters and I grew older we started dressing ourselves, picking out our own outfits, doing our hair, fighting over bathroom space and time. And a new “tradition” started. Every year we’d ask each other “what are you wearing to midnight mass?” Because midnight mass isn’t just any mass, you have to dress UP.



Whether you are going to midnight mass or a daytime service, it is safe to say that you are going to be dressing a little nicer than you usually do for Sunday service. It’s just how it is, right? But what if it’s 3 days before Christmas and you have no idea what to wear? Well don’t worry, I’m here to help.


Metallics are in this year and they act as the ultimate neutral this holiday season (I never would have thought that metallics would be considered a neutral, but hey this is 2017 and we are flipping everything on its head). You can wear your metallics in a rush of gold by styling a sheer metallic blouse with wide-leg gold pant or how about a metallic jacquard knee length dress? Maybe you like metallics but aren’t in love and ready to settle down? There are plenty of gorgeous dresses out here with metallic accents that are just right for this season’s sense of style.



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Love sequins but want to tone down the look for mass? Skip the full-on sequin dress and opt for a look with one statement-making piece such as a silk blouse with sequin sleeves or a black blazer worn over a white tee tucked into a full length sequin skirt.  


Don’t forget about the 90s. As we all know velvet is back and as I’ve mentioned in my previous article so is the power suit, so why not make the velveteen suit a little festive by choosing a deep red or green color? Or keep it simple in all black, you can never go wrong with black.



Speaking of black, why not wear a little black dress, but with a twist? Add some feather or sheer detailing. But remember that this is still church, even if it is at midnight, so I would suggest that you opt for a longer LBD than if you were going to a holiday party or out on the town.


For midnight mass or a daytime service pick up a full length dress that tout’s this season’s winter floral trend; it’s timeless, festive, and gorgeous. And of course we can’t forget about the reds, it’s Christmas after all. but not only that, this year, reds are all the rage. You can chose a deep red, a crimson shade, or go dark with a merry merlot frock; the choice is yours.



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I better take my own advice, I’m still not sure what I’ll be wearing to this year’s service. And what’s more, there’s already some talk about skipping midnight mass and going to a daytime service (say what??) my younger sister won’t be happy to hear that kind of talk. But whichever service my family decides to go to, I better make a decision: merlot or metallics? So many good choices, too little time.


Merry shopping my fashionable friends.   



In case you’d like to get a head start on that dress… Your welcome!




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