The Latest Fall Fashion in Full Swing Layers Textures & OMG the Boots

The Latest Fall Fashion in Full Swing Layers Textures & OMG the Boots

Natalie Strong

Natalie Strong


Natalie Strong is a native to Idaho, but born to Southern Californians so excuse her when she says soda instead of pop and tells you she doesn’t listen to country. She grew up in a family of 9 and is used to interrupting and talking over people just to get a word in, but catches herself when she does it outside of the family.

She graduated in 2011 from the University of Idaho with a BS in Apparel Design and Minor in Business Management.  She enjoys hiking, camping, reading, sewing, music, and the arts. She plays rugby, swims, and for the past few years has called herself a runner, she doesn’t run fast, but she runs. Her favorite thing to do is laugh.


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Winter is coming. But first, fall.


Fall is my favorite season and no it’s not because of the pumpkin spice lattes or because I can skip shaving with more frequency, though the latter is definitely a plus. (If my aversion to dairy products wasn’t so strong I’m sure the PSL would be a fall favorite of mine too, but alas I cannot enjoy a hot cup of joe seasoned with all the spices of a pumpkin pie, as I have yet to find a coffee shop that can make a vegan version. My waistline might say that’s a good thing though…) But I digress.


Fall is here and it’s my favorite because of the beautiful colors, the crisp air, the crunchy leaves that I will go slightly out of my way to step on, and because of fall fashion. (← insert heart-eyed emoji here; seriously I LOVE the clothing of fall – the colors, the layering, the sweaters, the tights, and the boots, my god the boots)!



Fall is in full swing and we are seeing lots of layers and sweaters, but there’s a twist to them this year. The knits are just as cozy and roomy but have much more texture to them than before.


On the runway we saw them paired with gorgeous woven pieces, not innovative if you’re thinking the woven is a pair of slacks or a comfy pair of jeggings, but I’m referring to such things as Carolina Herrera’s chiffon and lace aquamarine dream of a dress she paired with a mix-stitch wool-cashmere sweater on the runway this year. It blew my mind and brought tears to my eyes (not only because it’s beautiful but because I cannot afford such a luxury). But I know that these styles trickle down and I’ll find something similar in Target and H&M sooner rather than later and that, for now, will have to suffice.


But when I said cozy and roomy, I don’t mean frumpy. Roomy can often turn lumpy and frumpy on my body type, but with the style lines and textures of these updated fall knits I’m not too worried about looking like a baked potato in a sweater. My fear of knits is a thing of the past and I yell at the top of my lungs “huzzah!”, because I used to stay away from sweaters to avoid looking even larger than I am. But I felt incomplete these many years without knits; is it even fall if you aren’t wearing a cozy aquamarine sweater?



I’m still dreaming of that Carolina Herrera piece, I know I’d be so cozy in it and it would be anything but frumpy… Again, I find it hard to keep myself on track, I’m somewhat of a smorgasbord of a writer, jumping from one thing to the next and trying to include ALL THE THINGS, but hey so is this fall’s trends, so you must forgive me.


We have the knits and cozy sweaters, but we also have the tailored pieces and banker suits, huge on the runways. The runways had a lot of tailored banker suits and many of them were in plaid, yes plaid. I saw many head to toe plaid looks and I’m not going to lie, I kind of dug it. (And when I say “I saw,” I mean I browsed the pictures and watched the videos of the runway shows, I am not fortunate enough to have tickets to any of the shows at New York Fashion Week, but maybe one day. Hey, a girl can dream).


What I did not dig were the Texas tuxes that were running rampant on the runways, but to each their own. If you want to dress head to toe in denim go for it because it is on trend this fall. Maybe I am just jealous that my 5 foot 2 frame cannot pull off the Texas tux.


Feminism and a nod to Americana had a strong presence on the runway, reflecting the current political and social atmosphere of our nation. The designers paid homage to folklore and quilting in many pieces and the style lines speak to both masculinity and femininity; they meld perfectly together in the tailored pieces.


We’re seeing pieces that are deconstructed, asymmetrical, and inspired by both the 70s and the 80s (but not all in the same piece).


You’ll still see the 90s comeback trucking along with the fall trend of velvet. Expect colors of pale pink, rich reds, bright blues, metallics, and winter white.



The classic trench coat got a twist that’s not so classic, the shape and style lines have been played with by many designers (including Balenciaga, Valentino, and Junya Watanabe), embellishments, prints, and textures were also added to many runway trenches.


From denim and plaid the fall smorgasbord trend jumps to moody floral prints, polka dots, and feather embellishments. Shoe trends include slouchy boots, velvet, satin and silk, bold reds in every style, embellishments, white booties and heels, and (my favorite) the combat boot.


My least favorite trend on the runway this year, that I can’t ignore, is the luxurious and glamorous furs. As a vegetarian, I always hope that furs will forever go out of style and designers will stick to faux fur, but that hasn’t happened. Sure, I have to admit, these are not your grandmother’s furs, they have color, new style lines, textures, and prints (Prabal Gurung) but to me they are still fur…



One thing we did not see on the runway were hiking boots, but I advise you to pick up a pair, I am wearing a pair as I type. They aren’t the ones I wear up in Stanley, Idaho while I hike around the Sawtooth Mountains, no these ones are grey with bright orange laces and are meant for fashion purposes only, by Fergalicious (and yes, I DO sing that song every time I put them on), but paired with a jeggings, a plaid shirt, and beanie and I am comfy and cozy in this fall Idaho weather and I feel hella stylish and very Idahoan. And when feeling funky and inspired I pair them with tights, a woven dress, and (you guessed it) a comfy knit sweater.


Since a girl can never have too many comfy knit sweaters, checkout the FISACE Women Solid Round Neck Oversized Turtleneck Full Sleeve Knitted Sweater Pullover



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  1. Amy K-P

    I must find this Carolina Herrera dress! It sounds absolutely gorgeous! My favorite fall piece is a flannel from Eddie Bauer that I’ve had for years. It’s a plaid in burgundy, olive green, and navy with a few small touches of other colors. There were several years I couldn’t wear this shirt so when I got back down to a size I could, I was ecstatic!

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