With This One Vaccine, You May Never Need A Flu Shot Again

With This One Vaccine, You May Never Need A Flu Shot Again

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Dustyn Stevens

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  • Audio Article - With This One Vaccine, You May Never Need A Flu Shot Again


Would you believe me if I told you that Influenza has been responsible for more deaths around the world than any other illness? Unfortunately, this is true. Fortunately though, scientists have been hard at work for decades to decrease the terrible mortality rate that Influenza boasts.



Influenza is so deadly, because it is an ever, and rapidly evolving virus. The strain of Flu we need to protect ourselves from this year, is likely not the same strain we needed to protect ourselves from last year. This is why so far, as of today, getting your annual Flu shot has been so important.



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After all of these years however, this could be where we have gone wrong. A team from Nebraska Center for Virology (NCV) have conducted an experiment, with findings that may point to us having everything backwards this whole time!



After carefully inspecting the past several Influenza strains that have posed an immediate threat to humanity; the team discovered that the H1, H2, H3, and H5 strains have all evolved from the same decedent.


Although this shared descendant is primitive, and much less dangerous than it’s more modern ancestor strains; this discovery still shines a light on what we have speculated the evolutionary process of Influenza to be. Long story short, we have been wrong.



Instead of developing a vaccination to protect from newly evolved strains, the team ‘went back to the basics,’ and developed a vaccination to protect from the foundational strain.



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After administering this new vaccine to laboratory mice (that had yet to be exposed to any other vaccinations), the team was astonished to find that it successfully protected the mice from every other, more modern strain of Influenza. Whether this tactic will transition into, and maintain its efficacy for future Influenza strains is still unforeseen; but the team is confident that a single dose will eventually be able to protect humans from the majority of the already known Influenza strains.




Let us know by commenting below if this new Influenza Vaccine will be something

you would be interested in getting for yourself or your children.



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