4 Mentalities You Need to Attain The Work Ethic of an Entrepreneur

4 Mentalities You Need to Attain The Work Ethic of an Entrepreneur

Dustyn Stevens

Dustyn Stevens

Co-Founder/Chief Contributor

Dustyn Stevens is the Co-Founder of Forge Your Potential. He is also a Chief Contributor for the website under many topics.


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  • Audio Article - 4 Mentalities You Need to Attain The Work Ethic of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs. Some perceive them as gritty go-getters. Some perceive them as greedy, self centered people. One thing is for certain though; no matter how you choose to look at the ethics of an entrepreneur, you cannot help but find it impressive in some way.


How can one person accomplish so much? How do they find the time? How do they manage to have a seemingly super-human work ethic?


Some will tell you that you are born an entrepreneur. Some will tell you that entrepreneurship can be learned.



Regardless of which is true; the fact of the matter is, there are practices and steps that you can start implementing in your life today that will help you start reaping some of the benefits that entrepreneurs seem to be ‘blessed’ with.


In this article, we will dive into and dissect four practical mentalities to attain the work ethic of an entrepreneur.




1. “No” Only Means “No For Right Now.”


We have all heard the phrase. “Don’t take no for an answer.” Although this statement is not entirely ethical, and it sets an unrealistic expectation if taken literally, you cannot completely disregard it.


‘No’ is a word that none of us like to hear. You could say that ‘no’ is a word that many of us fear the very thought of hearing. Let’s start there. Entrepreneurs don’t fear the word ‘no.’ They understand that opportunities begin and end all of the time, but they don’t always end at ‘no.’


Entrepreneurs understand that ‘no’ could mean many different things. It could mean that you or your idea is simply not a business priority right now. It could mean that you or your idea conflicts with personal priorities right now. It could mean that you dropped the ball and didn’t approach the entire situation properly.


The point is, you typically will not know the reasoning. That doesn’t mean that you cannot revisit the situation a week, month, or year from now. And that doesn’t mean that ‘no’ will always be your answer.





2. People Don’t Naturally Care About You, or What You Have to Offer


It sounds harsh, I know. But if you are going to harness the work ethic of an entrepreneur, you need to understand that people are not going to magically give a rat’s ass about the things that you give a rat’s ass about.


It should be common sense, but in the business world, this seems to be a huge disconnect. With your hobbies, it’s not difficult to wrap your head around. If you like Chess, you are likely pretty well aware that Chess is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea,’ right? It’s kind of the same with business.


If you want people to care about your current idea, your business, or your project; you need to make them care. It is your responsibility to show them that it is worth their time. But you also need to understand that Chess is not for everyone.


If after some time, you notice a daunting trend of them not quite understanding how the knight moves, it may be time to move on to someone else.





3. Take Responsibility For Your Screw Ups


We all know someone who blames everyone but themselves for the things that don’t go right in their lives. It isn’t very uplifting to have a conversation with them, right?


On top of that, you may have noticed that they never seem to get much done. Entrepreneurs understand that accountability is extremely important in order to progress in life.


If you habitually don’t hold yourself accountable for the role you have played in your flops, you are habitually avoiding the skills you would acquire through fixing your flops.


Essentially, avoiding your problems leads to a lack of problem solving skills and a lack of progress.





4. Enjoy The Journey


As non-cliche as I can make this sound, you need to find enjoyment in some aspect of what you are doing. Whether you have to dig down deep to find that optimistic you, or it is regularly brought to the surface; you need it.


That doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy everything. All of us have ‘monotonous suck’ in our day-to-day lives.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise though, that your drive to do something is fueled by your enjoyment of it. Entrepreneurs look for the little things that they enjoy in every task to ensure it gets completed. Although this task or that task may not manifest definite success, it is the accumulation of tasks that does.


Look forward to the satisfaction of a finished task. Enjoy the feeling of busting your ass on something while many around you don’t. Smile while you work, because you know that this (as small as it may seem) will lead you to where you want to be.



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