#146: Kathy Griffin is Just The Tip of The Iceberg

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Forge Your Potential Podcast Episode 146 Kathy Griffith

Well a story broke out recently that spread like wildfire through social media, along conventional media sources.


A graphic photo of Kathy Griffin was released this past week which depicts her standing there holding up a fake severed head of US President Donald Trump. The photo was part of a photoshoot she did to… well we’re not really sure why anyone would think this would ever be a good idea. It’s safe to say, the rest of the world agrees. Despite apologizing for the photo, Kathy has lost endorsements, burnt bridges, and totally destroyed any reputation she might have had. Imagine that, all it took for everyone to come together and agree on something was a graphic photo of a fake beheading… Is this real life??


This inspired us to talk about everything we’re seeing today in society, politics, communities, and so forth. What in the world happened that suddenly made actions like Kathy’s seem like appropriate responses to how we feel about something? We’ve seen a massive shift in society in the past several years. Could social media be the cause that’s driven people to be more opinionated, outspoken, argumentative, confrontational, and the like? Or does it just give people the opportunity to be that way without the very possible, very real, physical risk of doing so? Why are so many of us looking for reasons to attack people?


Talking about these topics inspired us yet again to dive even deeper. We jump into disagreement. Why are we so damn afraid and offended by it? People will fight to the death with each other over something they don’t even understand. People will even defend a narrative or ideal that’s harming them and everyone around them, simply because someone conditioned them to believe that narrative. It’s absolute lunacy. Again, is it social media that’s given us all a voice that drives us to spew our views and defend our beliefs with such intensity? And here’s the big question: is there really as much social discourse and disagreement happening as we think there is? Or is just thrown in our faces more now days due to technology and the ease of access to information?


This is the tip of the iceberg for this episode of Forge Your Potential. Listen to the episode and share your thoughts with us on social media.


Today is the day.



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