#145: Getting Rid of Anxiety & Finding Peace

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In this episode on the Forge Your Potential podcast, we talk about what can be one of the most elusive feelings we ever get to experience: Peace.

Peace is difficult for a lot of us to achieve. Plus there’s this fine line between striving and staying hungry to do and accomplish more, but also being at peace with what we already have in our lives. This brings up the question: what is peace? Is peace happiness? Is it just accepting things for how they are? We came to an incredible conclusion.

No of us can be consistently happy, but we can be consistently at peace.

Yet again, we find this fine line between being happy and being at peace. Which drove us then to define happiness. And here’s what we came up with. Peace is being ok with what is, and happiness is truly enjoying what is. Let us know what you think, do you agree?

Listen in and join us for this killer conversation about how to find peace, the importance of service to others and what role it plays, and what value truly is in life.

Today is the day.



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