What’s Killing Your Relationship & How You Can Stop It

What’s Killing Your Relationship & How You Can Stop It

Steven Conner Skeen

Steven Conner Skeen

Founder/CEO/Chief Contributor

Steven Conner Skeen is the Founder and CEO of Forge Your Potential. He is also a Chief Contributor to the website.


We all have a purpose and outside of loving my wife and our three littles, Forge Your Potential and everything it stands for is mine.


I’m not the typical entrepreneurial story. I didn’t grow up starting businesses, my parents weren’t business owners, and there wasn’t anyone around me that inspired me who had chosen the path of an entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong, my family, my childhood, and my life to this day have been nothing but incredible.


Some of us are just born wired differently than others and we choose to take different paths.


However, we all have dreams and aspirations. We have those things that motivate us, drive us to keep pushing forward, and inspire us to fight another day. These dreams and aspirations are what we live for. As kids, they burn bright. Thoughts of our potential futures are nothing but adventurous and exciting. However, as we get older, those dreams and aspirations begin to fade for a lot of us. Choosing to accept our “realities” instead of continuing to believe in the possibilities, we set ourselves up to live a life full of ‘what if’s’.


I don’t know where it’s come from, but all my life I’ve had the feeling that the world is at my fingertips, that I can go anywhere I want and accomplish anything I want. Forge Your Potential exists because I wanted to share this feeling.


Whatever your dreams, aspirations, or motivations might be, it’s become my life goal to bring them back to the forefront of your attention. It’s become my goal to get you to not only think about the possibilities, but to inspire you to strive for them. Because the fact of the matter is, we shouldn’t reach the end of our life sad and broken wondering ‘what if’ or ‘what could have been’, we should reach the end of our life with a smile on our face and think, ‘Damn, that was good’.


Forge Your Potential has been an incredible journey at every turn and it’s truly an honor to be able to share it with you.



Thank you,

Steven Conner Skeen


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  • Audio Article - What's Killing Your Relationship And How To Stop It


Suddenly it happens, you run into that person that brings your entire world to halt. Everything they do takes you the brink of ‘I can’t even’. The way they look at you, the way they talk, the electricity you feel every moment you’re with them or even thinking about them, hell even the things they don’t do, all of it drives you crazy in the best possible way.


Everything in or about your life is instantly brighter.You imagine the beauty of the experience stretched out over the coming weeks, months, years, and even your lifetime.


There’s a problem though, a problem that’s killing your relationship. One that quietly begins to slip itself into your thoughts, your conversations, and your relationship. Then, like an undetected cancer, over time it grows.


What is this problem that’s killing your relationship?



The fact that we tend to get used to even the most incredible experiences.


Jump out of a plane to skydive for the first time and your life is changed. Jump out of one a thousand times, it’s another day at the office.


Watching the sunrise coming up over the mountains on vacation at a lakefront cabin, and time seems to stop. Stay there for a few weeks and suddenly sleeping in is more important.



Cuddling up in bed next to the one you love for the first time in your new home and you can’t help but smile. A year later, with work, house work, and the demands of daily life, who has time or energy for cuddling?




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In the beginning, our significant other rocked our world when we’d come home to trash taken out, dishes done, kids’ chores accomplished, or even when they’d do something as simple as hand us our bath towel that we forgot hang up before getting in the shower.


As time goes on however, what we once thought was incredible about our significant other, slowly becomes an expectation. We begin to ignore those things that we used to go out of our way to recognize and appreciate. Not only that, if left unchecked, our attention goes from what we once loved and appreciated, to what we now can’t stand and find annoying.


Getting used to the beauty in life, getting used our relationships or our marriage is one of the most detrimental things any of us could ever do.


The thing is, getting used to experiences in life isn’t something that just happens, and it isn’t something that has to happen. Hard as it can be for a lot of us to hear and accept, it’s our own damn fault that we find ourselves complaining instead of being grateful.



We can live our entire lives happy, content, choosing every day to see the good, choosing every day to be grateful, choosing every day to never let a moment pass that we take for granted.


How? By simply taking the time.



Take the time to go out of your way to tell your loved one how special they are to you, just as you did in the beginning. Take the time to appreciate them both verbally and internally for all they do for you, day in and day out. It doesn’t matter how long your day was, pull them tight for a hug, a kiss, or a cuddle session before bed. Tell them thank you when they’ve done something for you for thousandth time.




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The solution to living a life well lived is living in a constant state of gratitude.


Don’t take your time for granted. More importantly, don’t take those you love or the time that you get to spend with them for granted.


Take time, be grateful, and never let the beauty in your relationship or your life become ordinary.

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